about us


Our partners success is our sole goal, we respect relationship with our customers above all. We value their needs, their work and provide whatever it takes so that they accomplish excellence in safe productive manner.

We always seek a 100% safe plant for our customers, we choose this objective & struggle to achieve it, not because it is easy but because it is hard. We accept the challenge and believe in our energies & skills, that challenge is the one we intend to win because we care of ourselves and others too.


It is the mission of PETROPOWER to provide highest Quality Product & Services to our valued customers worldwide & integrate technology, science & implement solutions to guarantee a safe working plant.


  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • Deliver High quality Products according to international known standards.
  • Provide innovative solutions that increase quality of services, safety, security and performance of people.
  • Provide our customers with an attractive return on investment through sustainable uninterrupted process.
  • Out of the box solutions within the available client resources.


  • Always we share our customers their journey for target achieving without any stop at our formal business limitations.
  • Variety of our provided services between technicality and consultation make it easy for our clients to plan for their projects.
  • You we will deal with technical expert not just a supplier.
  • We invest whatever it takes to become leaders in our business.
  • We hire a diverse talented & competent work force in every area.
  • You can get a high quality products and services at more competitive prices.
  • Also, you can find optimized solutions for every Technical or HSE problem you can face i.e. Water Blasting, Cold welding, HSE products, complete HSE systems, distinguished serveries….etc.