Safety Consultation

From believing in the importance of keeping HS & E of any organization at utmost level to keep on its business strength; we have took our role for providing a variety of HS&E services and solutions that occupy with the market needs in this field.

Equipment Rental

Our Equipment Rental experts are  trusted partners to our customers. With a combined experience of over 10 years worldwide and 2 years at the Egyptian market, we differentiate ourselves by working closely with our customers to understand their challenges, to provide an integrated approach that meets their needs.

Construction Activities

PETROPOWER has full capability to build, construct, install and maintain any Equipment Foundations, platforms, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Barracks, Conexus, Modifications, B-Huts, Fencing, Gravity Walls, planning’s, Mapping, Electrical works plumbing’s, Cabling, Steel, PVC, Glass & Aluminum works, & Hangers. etc.

Global Maintenance

Assign PETROPOWER for Global maintenance activities (Mechanical, instrumentation, Electrical and QC) with its competent staff, high technology equipment and tools to cover maintenance activities within oil, Gas and petrochemicals industries in accordance with our clients determined KPI’s